CHEF ASH CONSULTANTS started by Mr Ashdin Patell worked as a chef on cruise liners and high end hotels around the world between 2003 -2009, and from 2010 running successfully a fully end to end consulting service in the city of Hyderabad. With consulting experience of over 10 years now in the consulting field of food & beverage.

A chef for the last 10 yrs , working with cruise liners and high end hotels around the world and presently running his own food concepts and business. Started his carrier in 2001 with the Oberoi Group of Hotels as a CDP and then carried on towards the international arena where he started working for Cruise Liners in UK, Greece, Cyprus and Spain . He then started CAC in 2010 and since has already completed 5 projects with excellent service record and success rate.His expertise in kitchen planning & his culinary skills prevail his reputation. His strong point always has been always thinking out of the box and being different.

" The Food Business in india is very hungry theres always a want for new and innovative outlets offering good quality food . Giving my client a large option to work with is the most important thing, and ofcourse coming up with great new ideas ,but yet being within the boundaries of the palatte of the Indian costumer, is of the utmost importance for us. "

We are a complete start to stop workshop for the food business industry . Its our forte . We are specific and very detailed in our kitchen setups and designs & project consulting.